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The Move Matrix – Managing Data Changes

A good Move Matrix is critical to the success of your relocation project, and a Move Matrix is only as good as the data it contains. The employee data tracked in the Move Matrix is dynamic – meaning, it changes a lot – like, every day. People change positions and departments, new people get hired [...] Read More


Decommissioning: Save a little, Lose a Lot

Written by Joe Mannino, Jr, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

When companies upgrade or relocate to a new space, it’s always a fight against time to complete everything before the “drop-dead” lease termination date. Failure to meet this time frame will result in exorbitant holdover fees and potential storage and/or removal costs that are assessed for not planning efficiently. Moreover, this doesn’t include legal fees and holds on tenant security deposits if the space is not exactly how the landlord expects it to be. [...] Read More


What’s the Best Practice for Assigning Desks?

Considering how “light” the workplace is getting these days, I approach the seating issue first by asking why we’re assigning seats in the first place. I expect it won’t be long before our “phones” have the technology to locate people in the workplace anywhere, allowing us to sit where we will work best. [...] Read More


10 Common Complexities of a Restack Project

The way people work – and the workplace itself – is continuously changing. Real estate and facilities groups are adjusting to new, cost-effective footprints to keep up with this change. Work from home, desk sharing, hoteling and open collaborative spaces are just a few of the trends causing a need for organizations to renovate and [...] Read More


4 Tips for Qualifying Your Move Company

Some companies are large enough to have a contracted mover to perform recurring physical move services. Others use a professional Move Management Services firm to take care of sourcing, qualifying and bidding for them. If you don’t have these luxuries and are selecting your mover in-house, the following tips will help you complete a thorough [...] Read More


Lease Negotiations: Think About Moving Out Before Moving In

Written by Andy Gardner, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

I have been involved in the leadership of the American Bar Association for the last several years. First, as Vice-Chair of the Leasing Group’s Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases Committee (2008-2012) and most recently acting as the coordinator of the ABA presentation series “The Nuts and Bolts of Leases.” Nuts and Bolts consists of ½ hour calls every other month, each with a speaker or speaker(s) that focus on a specific lease provision or issue and discuss its implications for the landlord and tenant. [...] Read More


5 Tips for Communicating Workplace Change

Change in the workplace is becoming more common, frequent and dramatic. More flexibility, technology, organizational structures and generational differences are impacting our work environments. While all of this change may be for the good, there is a level of anxiety surrounding change. At the root of this anxiety is fear; Fear of change. Heidi Grant [...] Read More


Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Furniture Deal

Buying furniture for your office can be one of the most complicated and confusing parts of any business relocation or renovation project. Most companies are advised that the best way to buy furniture is to “Bundle.” In other words, purchase all your workstations, seating, private office and conference room furniture from one manufacturer. However, bundling [...] Read More

Lease Details

Hidden Details: Lease Contracts

When people find out I’m a commercial real estate agent they often sidle up close and whisper in my ear, “Let me tell you, I got such a deal,” and expect me to nod approvingly. Dare I frown? A deal isn’t always a deal.

A gentleman who coordinated real estate for a now-defunct company with multiple properties bragged at a luncheon that he used a scare tactic to beat down the rent price. He would threaten the landlord with an impending bankruptcy, leaving that individual with empty space and a guilty conscience if the rent wasn’t lowered. A couple times the “meager times” approach worked. But he could have brokered a better deal without compromising his ethics. [...] Read More


How Do You Define Move Management?

This blog probably isn’t titled correctly. You could call it Move Management, Move Coordination, Relocation Management, Business Transition or the numerous other titles often used to refer to the act of planning, coordinating and overseeing the activities involved to relocate a business. For the sake of consistency, let’s refer to it as Move Management. Defining [...] Read More