How Many Employees Can Be Relocated Over a Move Weekend

So you’ve been tasked with planning the logistics of moving employees from your old location to your new space. How long is it going to take? How many days/weekends do you need to book?

While there’s a lot that goes into planning and sequencing a move, there are general tried and true tactics that can help you determine how many people should move over a given weekend. I have managed moves for 10s of thousands of employees for hundreds of different clients and can speak based on experience that there are general rules of thumb for the size of a move weekend.

First, we should define ‘move weekend.’ For large company relocations, moves are often planned over the weekend to minimize disruption. Typically you would begin on Friday after the close of business and finish before employees report to the new space on Monday.

Moving Crates

Generally speaking, you can move as many as 1,000 people over a move weekend if all conditions are right. This would mean all furniture is in place, computer equipment is new and in place and would basically just consist of a contents-only move. If computer equipment is not going to be new, IT support is a critical factor in making this decision. External support and resources may be needed to disconnect and reconnect large numbers of equipment over a weekend.

The most common weekend move size ranges between 250 and 300 people. This balances the risks of moving too many people at once, and the benefits of reducing the number of move stages. This is especially true with larger relocations in excess of 1,000 people. If it is not physically possible to move that many people in one weekend, it is better to break these up into smaller, manageable chunks.

When starting a multi-phased move sequence, it is always good practice to begin the first move with a much smaller population, around 50 people or so, to understand any potential problems in advance. Many times, these initial ‘pilot’ moves consist of real estate, facilities and IT staff and are great at capturing best practices that can be applied to the remaining moves. Planning a move? Reference this Business Relocation 101 infographic for figures and valuable tips to get you started.


Matt DennisMatthew Dennis is the COO and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a strategic, full-service relocation management company specializing in helping organizations transition into new work environments without disrupting business operations.


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