10 Steps to Successfully Implement Desk Sharing

Written by Robert Schecterson, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

According to a Workplace Utilization Study completed by GSA, the management and allocation of workspace is a constant challenge for both public and private organizations. Challenges include meeting functional space needs with limited resources, a need to manage the real estate cost, ever changing organizational directions and technology requirements.

Emerging technologies, mobile workforces and people able to work anywhere has allowed a strong adaptation of ‘hoteling.’ Studies have shown that 30% to 50% of office space goes unused in a given day in many offices. A greater number of people can be accommodated in a smaller amount of workspace with hoteling.


How do you make this work?  Here is what our clients and research tell us:

  1. Make sure you have the right technology in place to support mobile work forces.
  2. Include informal collaborative office spaces in the workspace.  Provide the type of space needed based on function, not hierarchy.  Banish the corner office.
  3. Conduct cultural and protocol training so staff know what to expect. How do they reserve a space? Where do they store material?
  4. Plan for enough private “group space” such as conference rooms; both large and small.
  5. Plan based on how many people actually use the space as opposed to how many people are assigned to a space (and use it infrequently).
  6. Select mobile furniture systems – “agile project rooms” with removable walls.
  7. Develop a good booking system for both desks and group space – including a component that provides utilization reports. Provide staff with a reservation tool that they can “control” space through booking versus a first come first serve basis.
  8. Assign individual drawers or mobile pedestals to lock laptops and work material.
  9. Have a vehicle for comments, questions and feedback.
  10. Set up good maintenance/cleaning routines



Robert Schecterson is Vice President of Facility Solutions at Hi Touch Business Services, representing Condeco in the United States. Condeco is the market’s leading meeting room and desk booking software solution. 

Its award-winning Condeco Workspace Management software suite provides large enterprises, SMEs and Government organizations with the ability to maximize the potential of their real estate in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency and encourage a greener workplace. 


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