Work and Workspace Design Trends for 2014

In many industries the workplace has been as hierarchical as the royal court of Louis XIV. Throughout the 20th century, offices would become grander and more posh as the occupant ascended the corporate ladder. In 2014 we can finally say that many companies have a much flatter organizational chart and the egalitarian workspaces to prove it. Now the resources that the worker needs to do his or her job determine the size and accoutrements of their work area. [...] Read More


Want the Most Productive Workplace Possible? Leave the Cube

Written by Hewitt Tomlin, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

Today, telecommuting is not only feasible, but some would even argue that it is necessary to telecommute in order to stay competitive in this day and age. One of these people is Terri Maxwell who, in her new book, cites many reasons for the increasingly changing workplace and claims that change is the necessary and risk-averse strategy to achieving workplace success. [...] Read More

Desk Troll

A ‘Green’ Office Relocation

Two decades ago, physical moving projects used stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes to complete the move. Then, in the mid-1990s, the reusable moving crate emerged. These crates are easier to use, reduce loss/damage, are less expensive and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional cardboard boxes.

Here are the numbers: Crates produce 92% less total solid waste. They generate 28% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Production of crates requires 36% less total energy. [...] Read More


What’s the Best Practice for Assigning Desks?

Considering how “light” the workplace is getting these days, I approach the seating issue first by asking why we’re assigning seats in the first place. I expect it won’t be long before our “phones” have the technology to locate people in the workplace anywhere, allowing us to sit where we will work best. [...] Read More


Lease Negotiations: Think About Moving Out Before Moving In

Written by Andy Gardner, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

I have been involved in the leadership of the American Bar Association for the last several years. First, as Vice-Chair of the Leasing Group’s Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases Committee (2008-2012) and most recently acting as the coordinator of the ABA presentation series “The Nuts and Bolts of Leases.” Nuts and Bolts consists of ½ hour calls every other month, each with a speaker or speaker(s) that focus on a specific lease provision or issue and discuss its implications for the landlord and tenant. [...] Read More

13 Workspace Trends for 2013

13 Work and Workspace Trends for 2013

Work is changing, and so is the workspace. What do we have to look forward to in 2013? Here are 13 developing trends on the horizon:

1. Working from anywhere at any time will continue as global companies with offices distributed across many time zones continue to grow.

2. Corner offices and rigid workstations morph into unassigned space as the emphasis on a mobile workforce increases. The end of ‘Dilbertville.’ [...] Read More