Don’t Forget the ‘Non-People’ During your Office Relocation

Don’t Forget the ‘Non-People’ During your Office Relocation

You’ve set your move date, completed your seat assignments and have a nice excel spreadsheet of all your employees moving. The spreadsheet shows where they are coming from and where they are moving to and even tells you if they have a laptop or desktop and if they need more than one data jack connection. [...] Read More

How Many Employees Can Be Relocated Over a Move Weekend?

How Many Employees Can Be Relocated Over a Move Weekend

So you’ve been tasked with planning the logistics of moving employees from your old location to your new space. How long is it going to take? How many days/weekends do you need to book? While there’s a lot that goes into planning and sequencing a move, there are general tried and true tactics that can [...] Read More


Work and Workspace Design Trends for 2014

In many industries the workplace has been as hierarchical as the royal court of Louis XIV. Throughout the 20th century, offices would become grander and more posh as the occupant ascended the corporate ladder. In 2014 we can finally say that many companies have a much flatter organizational chart and the egalitarian workspaces to prove it. Now the resources that the worker needs to do his or her job determine the size and accoutrements of their work area. [...] Read More


Successful Move: Hub Group

Hub Group Moves to New Headquarters Relocation activities have been successfully completed for Hub Group, a freight transportation management company. The new headquarters is located at 2000 Clearwater Drive in Oak Brook, IL. – Just 5.4 miles and 12 minutes away from its previous location. This is the transportation company’s biggest move yet! 300 Decisions [...] Read More


Want the Most Productive Workplace Possible? Leave the Cube

Written by Hewitt Tomlin, guest blogger for the Business Relocation Resource Center.

Today, telecommuting is not only feasible, but some would even argue that it is necessary to telecommute in order to stay competitive in this day and age. One of these people is Terri Maxwell who, in her new book, cites many reasons for the increasingly changing workplace and claims that change is the necessary and risk-averse strategy to achieving workplace success. [...] Read More


Corporate Relocation is Harder than You Think!

It takes a special kind of person to enjoy the meticulous planning and monotony that goes into orchestrating a major corporate relocation. I am one of those people! While it’s not rocket science, most major relocations involve hundreds of decisions and an aptitude for project management – and maybe a little common sense, too. I’m always [...] Read More


The Final 1% of a Relocation project

After spending months planning a corporate relocation project, you won’t want anything other than a complete success. Unfortunately, all that hard work in planning a successful transition really comes down to how smoothly things go on the first day during the first hour the staff walks through the door. If the environment is chaotic and overwhelming, things will start out with a negative tone. [...] Read More

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A ‘Green’ Office Relocation

Two decades ago, physical moving projects used stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes to complete the move. Then, in the mid-1990s, the reusable moving crate emerged. These crates are easier to use, reduce loss/damage, are less expensive and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional cardboard boxes.

Here are the numbers: Crates produce 92% less total solid waste. They generate 28% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Production of crates requires 36% less total energy. [...] Read More


How Relocation Consultants Save You Money

A typical business relocation project requires nearly 3,000 hours of planning activities. This time-consuming effort is even more daunting when you consider adding these responsibilities to your already hectic day-to-day schedule. Hiring a business relocation firm is a smart investment as its core business is dedicated to a process most organizations go through only once a decade. [...] Read More

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5 Simple Tasks to Help Relocate Without Disruption

When planning a corporate relocation, there can be an overwhelming number of tasks to be completed and details to oversee. That being the case, it might be tempting to leave a few things to be done AFTER you move in – especially if you’re doing the move yourself and have too much on your plate [...] Read More